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Why Do We Need Family Doctors?

Family doctors play a key role in any country. As ailments don’t arrive with prior information, you can’t do without a reliable health professional who is constantly by your side. Be it a new allergy or your monthly menstruation issues, your family doctor is your most trusted friend.

While several American households regularly visit their Orange County family doctors, you might prefer the physician whom you have known since childhood. However, the question is, why a family doctor and not an acclaimed specialist who is associated with the largest hospital chain in your state?

Today, let us know the 5 distinct reasons why we all need family doctors:

They Are Your Primary Care Physicians

When your child returns home with feverish symptoms when your aunt complains of persisting back pain, you don’t start browsing a specialist’s number, do you? Rather, you would give a call to your family physician with whom you share a comfort zone. The family doctors are primary care physicians or PCBs as well for they are trained in family medicine.

What Is Family Medicine?

Formerly known as family practice, family medicine is a medical specialty that caters to comprehensive healthcare for all. A family practitioner is often referred to as a general practitioner or general physician in Europe.

Family medicine is a category of primary care that treats patients of all ages. Its scopes include:

  • preventive care
  • routine checkups
  • immunization
  • screening tests
  • health-risk assessments
  • personalized counseling
  • chronic disease management
  • And you might be surprised to know, many PCPs in the US help in delivering babies too. 

If your family physician is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, then he/she indeed is your PCP. His/her family community clinic will be open to every member of your family.

They Know Your Family History

You must have observed, whenever you go and see a doctor, he/she asks a bunch of personal questions, like:

  • your age
  • your food habits
  • your sleeping routine
  • your marital status
  • whether or not you’re intolerant to any particular food or chemical
  • whether or not you’ve had any surgeries
  • Whether or not there are any hereditary disorders

For an accurate diagnosis, your doctor has to learn about your current and past physical and mental conditions by interviewing you. On the contrary, your family doctor knows you. And not only you, but your entire family. 


Say a teenage girl of an average American family is experiencing high levels of stress lately, and we all know stress can be triggered by countless factors. But her family doctor will know that it’s all because of her parent’s divorce.

Now, most of the time you cannot open up to a specialist who is a complete stranger to you. His/her questions can make you utterly uncomfortable. On the other hand, a family doctor’s approach would be much more sensitive and friendly.

The Orange County physicians are known for being very polite yet tactful with their patients, you might contact them if you feel necessary.

They Provide Care for Anyone and Everyone

It is important to note that not all primary care physicians are family doctors. The PCP, your friend has suggested just yesterday, can belong to some other medical group, perhaps an internist. Now, the internists are the practitioners of internal medicine, and they specialize in the internal organs of an adult male and female. Naturally, they won’t see your children.

But the practitioners of family medicine would examine and prescribe medication to all age groups. They can provide solutions for any diseases, affecting any body parts. For example, stomach aches are common in infants, but parents do not always necessarily take their babies to pediatricians or child specialists. Experienced family doctors can solve such cases pretty quickly. 

In case you and your family are new to your neighborhood and visiting the nearest family community clinic for the first time, do confirm that the doc is a family physician.

They Can Refer You to Specialists

Common people hardly keep any knowledge of the healthcare specialists unless and until they need one. Suppose your beloved sister is expecting, and you want her to talk to a women’s health specialist for a complication-free delivery. In such cases ask your family healthcare expert or the Orange County family doctors for referrals, and rest assured that your sister will be under the most dependable obstetrician/gynecologist’s care.

In fact, if your family doctor feels that your condition needs a second opinion or a specialist’s inputs, he/she will make the arrangements.

They Improve Your Lives with Affordable Treatments

Healthcare, in general, is expensive. And we all know that a specialist’s supervision can burn a hole in your pocket, especially if it’s long-term. A study has shown that every $1 increase in primary care expenditure can save $13 in overall spending.

Of course, if your situation calls for it, your Orange County physicians or your family doctor will definitely insist that you meet a specialist. But otherwise, have faith in your family caregiver, he/she is brilliantly diverse.

If you have recently switched the job and moved to a new location, you can definitely look for the Orange County family doctors, they have won the trust of thousands.

Having your own family doctor is good for your entire family’s health. They are available at the local family community clinic or can pay you a visit under certain circumstances. And when you have a qualified doctor as your family friend cum primary caregiver, your family’s future is in the right hands.

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