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What Is the Best Lic Policy for Your New Born Baby?

Your child is that the most vital a part of your life. Life is unimaginable without your child. it might not be wrong to mention that after your child comes into your life; your child inevitably becomes your life. Securing the longer term of your child in order that they will have peace financially and mentally looks like the foremost important priority. you’ll do that with the assistance of the LIC child plan.


The LIC Child Plan may be a life assurance plan meant to serve and meet the requirements of your child. This secures the longer term of your new born baby even long after you’re not a neighborhood of their life. The LIC Child Plan secures the financial way forward for the kid , ensuring the parent of a far better life for his or her child. Your child is that the apple of your eye and deserves the simplest life. Choosing the simplest LIC children plan are often a touch tricky given the various policies available. a number of the simplest LIC child plans are as follows:



This LIC Child plan is actually the simplest LIC policy for brand spanking new born baby girls. it’s aimed toward serving the varied financial needs of the kid long after the parent isn’t present. It works to satisfy the financial requirements at the foremost important stages of your child, especially a replacement born baby girl:




Life Cover and

Other needs as a toddler grows.

These needs are fulfilled by way of the various benefits that the policy offers. they’re as follows:


The LIC Premium Waiver is perhaps the simplest feature that permits a waiver of the premiums, because the name suggests, just in case of loss of lifetime of the proposer. This doesn’t cause any financial burden on the kid .



As the life assured child reaches the age of 18, 20 and 22, 20 percent of the essential sum assured is paid, as long as the policy is active, when the life assured survives the term of the LIC policy.


All folks want our child’s educational and academic career to be well-off. The LIC Jeevan Tarun Policy is that the perfect thanks to secure an honest education for your child. this is often again included within the list of the simplest policy for brand spanking new born baby girls. The policy would confirm that your child doesn’t need to depend upon anybody for his or her future. It are often purchased just when the kid is born to close about when the kid attains 12 years aged . it’s numerous benefits as well:


The proposer can arrange for the life assured to urge annual payments anytime between the ages of 20 to 24 and therefore the total sum when the policy matures. The portion of the payment also can be set and decided by the proposer.


The maturity benefit makes sure that the life assured is paid a maturity benefit because the percentage of the sum assured is chosen earlier.

To conclude, the simplest LIC child plan like LIC Jeevan Tarun Policy can give your child a financially stable and sound future.

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