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What are the causes of infertility in man

Infertility in Men

Male infertility can be due to several medical reasons. It needs a comprehensive examination of the man and its reproductive health. Sometimes, in general terms, we also link erectile dysfunction with male infertility. But these two are different terms.

Erectile dysfunction is lack of erection for a penetrative sex. It develops later in life. A male with children and wife can develop erectile dysfunction in mid years of life. But infertility is totally different, it is inability to produce children or make the partner pregnant. Erectile dysfunction medicines doses like levitra 40 mg doses take care of erectile issues, but medical treatment is needed for infertility.

Male infertility and erectile dysfunction

Medically erectile dysfunction is totally different from male infertility. Erection issues develop later in life due to some physical and mental issues. It has nothing to do with the reproductive health of the male. A male who produced children and have had a good sex in initial years of marriage can develop erectile dysfunction later.

Erectile dysfunction cannot be permanent. It is always possible to get back sexual life with a healthy diet and lifestyle intervention. A male with any degree of erectile dysfunction overcomes erectile issues with a dose of erectile medicine sildenafil citrate 120 mg . Even a male with erectile dysfunction can make the partner pregnant with the help of a proper erectile dysfunction dose.

Male infertility

Male infertility can be from birth or due to reproductive defect. Low sperm production, blockage in sperm movement that prevents sperm from entering the vagina after ejaculation is another reason behind infertility. Sexual organ injury, illness, health problems, lifestyle choices and other such issues also have a play in the male infertility.

Signs of erectile dysfunction and male infertility

The first sign of erectile dysfunction is lack of a hard erection that is good enough for a penetrative sex. The erection can be soft or too low to get into the vagina. It will not happen suddenly. There will be gradual decreases in hardness which is necessary for penetrative sex.

There will be a medical treatment, but you can use medicines to overcome the erection issue temporarily. The duration of the medicines will cover the weakness in erection. Males with slight erection issues during the mid years of life take Cialis 40 mg doses on weekends for a longer duration.

Symptoms of male infertility

The first and foremost sign is difficulty in conceiving a child. This cannot be overcome by a medicine like viagra. It needs comprehensive medical checkup and then treatment options discussed with the medical specialist. Male infertility is also an inherent disorder.

There is a possibility that erectile dysfunction could be one of the reasons for male infertility. A male who is not getting an erection from the birth and cannot pregnant the partner is a possibility. But erectile dysfunction from birth cannot be cured with erectile dysfunction medicines.

The medical examination will also test the quality and quantity of sperm. A lower than normal count of sperm should be checked to come to the right conclusion about the infertility treatment.

When you need medical consultation for male infertility

First let it get confirmed that you are not dealing with erectile dysfunction. This is a minor issue of the male infertility. It is totally curable within a reasonable time period. Consult a doctor if you have erection issue, low sex drive, ejaculation problem, lack of erection even after adequate sexual stimulation, pain in sexual area, swelling in sexual area or testicle, or any issue with the shape of the penis.

Medical treatment from a specialist medical expert is necessary for male infertility. Once you are confirmed that there is no sperm issue or hormonal disorder and it is only an erection issue, you can take erectile dysfunction medicines. Emotional and psychological reasons behind erectile dysfunction take counseling sessions. Once you are cleared from any emotional state, take a lower dose of generic Viagra 50 mg to get an erection. The counseling sessions from a professional are one to one sessions in privacy of the clinic of the professional. The emotional issues, inner feelings and mental state of the patient are discussed. No information is leaked to any third party. The big part of the counseling session is cognitive behavior therapy. It helps a patient to deal with the same issues with a new perspective.


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