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Upgrading Tires and Wheels: A Comprehensive Guide 

If you are trying to transform the aesthetic look of your vehicle, then changing tires and wheels is the easiest way to do so. These luxury car parts installations are simple changes that make your automobile look new. However, before moving on with this decision, you should understand the intricate details of these simple BMW auto parts modifications.  

Changing the tires and wheels of your car is not as easy as visiting the market, purchasing the first thing that looks good, and going back home. You need to think of the hub size, tire size, and its fitting in. In this article, we have discussed everything that you need to know about changing or upgrading your vehicle’s BMW parts.

Things to Consider When Upgrading Tires and Wheels

Whether you are planning to upgrade tires and wheels for performance or just for aesthetics, it is necessary to understand the features of the new BMW auto parts. This is why we have outlined some of the important facts below. Read on!

What Meets The Road

The letters on the border of your tires and wheels are important. Pay attention to it. For example, if you find 215/55R16 93H, then it probably means that it is a small tire. The width of this tire is 215 millimeters, interior diameter is 16-inch, 93 is load index, and 55 is the aspect ratio. 

  • The width of your tires and wheels is the sidewall-to-sidewall distance.
  • The interior diameter is the fit of the tire.
  • The load index is the weight supporting the ability of the tire.
  • The aspect ratio is the percentage measure of the section width. 

The letter H indicates the speed rating of your tires and wheels, which means 130 mp is good here. 

Hub Size

When you are looking for luxury car parts installation, then width and diameter define a lot. The bolt pattern of the vehicle indicates whether wheels might fit in or not. Of course, you may like a 16-inch tire that has a bolt pattern five-lug. However, the hub size of your vehicle may vary depending on the model.

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So, start thinking of the bolt pattern in form of the circle that you would measure on the wheel stud’s center. This means that a bolt pattern denoting 6×100 would mean 6 studs with a 100-millimeter diameter. Check this number before buying BMW parts.

Tires and Wheels Size

The size of your tires and wheels define the price of the BMW auto parts. As the diameter increase, so would the price of the luxury car parts installation. You need to consider your requirements and budget before moving on with this decision. 

Fitting In

After reading the above data, you may have managed to find wheels that match your vehicle’s bolt pattern. However, that’s not it. You also need to pay attention to the fitment, which is where backspacing and offset are considered. If you measure the distance between the mounting surface and the back of the wheel, you would get backspacing. If you measure the distance between the mounting surface and the dead center, you would get the offset.

If your backspacing is more, this indicates that the wheel will tuck into the vehicle’s wheel well. It would be closer to the components of the suspension, which means a high chance of rubbing. But, if the backspacing is less, the wheel gets better inside clearance.

Similarly, if the offset is high, the wheel’s outside edge is closer to the mounting surface, which makes the wheel tuck further in the well of the wheel. As a result, the tire’s outside edges get more clearance from the fender but this is reduced between the suspension components and the tire’s inside edge. However, if the offset is low, the mounting surface is pushed closer to the wheel’s inside edge, which means your thee wheel would move outward for a better stance. Then, fender rub chances increase, and that can decrease the overall lifetime of your wheels and tires. 

Every car has different offset and backspacing requirements. You need to consider these requirements before making the purchase. 

Bigger Tires and Wheels

If you go with the trend of using tires and wheels which are larger than the vehicle’s stock, then you need to consider the following.

  • You may get a better grip.
  • The look would be more luxurious and sporty.
  • The ride would be a bit rough.

Hence, when you are purchasing BMW auto parts larger than usual, you should increase the diameter of the wheel by an inch or so. However, the diameter of the entire tire should remain similar, so you get a shorter sidewall. With this large wheel diameter, the width of the wheel also increases, which increases the section width as well. This means that the aspect ratio of your vehicle decreases. You need to take these factors into account when purchasing tires and wheels.


It is not unlikely for you to like those forged, fancy tires and wheels. These might even cost you a lot. However, is this upgrade worth your money? It may be not! Hence, check the above determining factors, explore your options as much as you can, and then make an informed decision about your luxury car parts installation.

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