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Types of online casino games

Later in our article, you’ll also find an inventory of the foremost popular and commonest online casino gambling games Of course, there are an entire host of categories and classifications around the world with different characteristics and rating criteria. However, we took under consideration the foremost common sorts of slots offered by a web casino. we’ll describe them intimately below.

Our classification is sort of simple and transparent. It includes the subsequent game genres:

 Slot machines also called slots. These are all slots games. they need reels to spin and therefore the symbols on the reels make different combinations. Some win, others don’t.
Card games – that’s simple card games. Poker in many sorts, blackjack, baccarat, etc.
Table games – for instance, roulette, craps, and other similar games.
Live games – that’s, with real dealers, where the gameplay is broadcast via video streaming over the web. Jackpot games – this is often basically one among the slot machines category, but not only that. These are games with a progressive prize pool.
Other games – various special games, lotteries, scratch cards, etc.

Of course, you’ll find other sorts of ratings in various places on the web and even within the online casinos themselves. it’s not said that ours is that the only right one. However, we tried to make a transparent division, easy to know even for complete beginners.

Gaming machines

Slot machines are colloquially mentioned as slots, or more correctly, slot machines. this is often far and away from the foremost popular group of games you’ll encounter in online casinos. Among them, you’ll also find many various varieties. Generally speaking, online slot machines are divided into subsequent types.

Classic slots Games that resemble mechanical or electronic devices from land-based casinos
Hot Spot slot machines Games with simple rules, no unnecessary extras, but very dynamic gameplay and a frequently changing situation on the screen
3D slots Advanced games that use three-dimensional graphics
Video slots Also effective and advanced games with lots of animations, cutscenes and overall great quality graphics
Fruit games Simple games using a fruit theme that are to resemble the first devices of this type, including the famous Liberty Bell

Slot machines usually have 3 or 5 reels (however, there are games with a special number of reels) and a number of other rows of symbols visible on the screen. additionally, there are several active pay lines, i.e. lines along which symbols that structure a win may appear. The player puts the reels in motion with the button, once they stop, the symbols on the reels can create winning combinations. When this happens, the player receives the winning amount. These are great, very exciting and popular games!

What to seem for when choosing slot machines?

When choosing a coin machine for yourself, you ought to concentrate on many important factors. Of course, the looks and theme of the sport are some things that you simply should evaluate individually, we’ll only specialize in purely technical aspects.


Also, note that the slot machines we offer are available in all casinos that we describe and list. Each online casino on our list has a specific section called a lobby where all the slots on offer are located. In the lobby, you can filter the games displayed using different criteria. For example, you can filter by game type, manufacturer, popularity, time added to the casino’s offer, jackpot presence and so on. You will surely find your favorite titles this way.

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