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Things To Expect Before, During And After Lasik Laser Treatment For Eyes

If you’ve got any refractive errors and need to urge obviate it, then laser treatment for eyes is for you! Laser treatment eliminates the necessity for spectacles or contact lenses from your life.

An imperfectly shaped cornea or eyeball causes refractive errors. The cornea may be a transparent, clear front a part of the attention which is liable for bending and focusing light.

Vision correction surgeries like laser surgery work by reshaping the cornea in order that the sunshine focuses on the retina.


Types of refractive errors

There are primarily four sorts of refractive errors:

Nearsightedness (myopia): an individual affected by nearsightedness can see things closer to him/her clearly, but distant objects look blurry to them.

Farsightedness (hyperopia): an individual who has farsightedness can see distant objects clearly but faces trouble seeing things up close clearly.

Astigmatism: In astigmatism, things look blurred at any distance. This happens when the cornea flattens or curves unevenly, distorting both the near and distant vision.

Presbyopia: Presbyopia is additionally referred to as ‘ageing eye’. this is often a refractive error during which the eyes loses its ability to focus due to the natural ageing of the person.

Laser surgery risk factors and eligibility


Laser eye surgery isn’t for everybody . you would possibly be unsuitable for the subsequent factors:

Excessively thin or irregularly shaped corneas

Have eye conditions like severe dry eyes

Age limitations (minimum age should be 18)

Factors like pregnancy

Take certain medication

If you’ve got health issues like diabetes, atrophic arthritis , etc.

If you’ve got faced significant changes to your vision prescription

Why choose Lasik eye surgery?


Lasik stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis; it’s the foremost popular and recommended laser eye surgery.

Lasik eye surgery has been around for 25 years now. Majority of individuals reach their vision goal after the surgery.

It is an easy procedure that gets wiped out 20 minutes for both the eyes.

Lasik involves no stitches or bandages.

Freedom from glasses or contacts

Possible complications after laser eye surgery


Although laser surgery is typically a successful one, there are some possible complications and side-effects that are reported, like:

Flap complications

Dry eyes



Regression of correction

Night glare

Trouble fitting contact lenses for extra correction

Eye infection

Loss of acuity

Laser treatment for eyes: What to expect

Before Lasik laser eye surgery


Your eyes got to be carefully evaluated before Lasik laser eye surgery. During a comprehensive evaluation, your doctor will do a series of eye tests. He/She will measure your cornea, searching for any irregularity in its shape, colour, and thickness.


Your ophthalmologist will search for signs for

Inflammation within the eyes

Dry eyes

Eye infection

Intraocular pressure (IOP)

Large pupils

You can even be advised to prevent wearing contact lenses, usually fortnight before the surgery. This becomes essential because contacts can alter the shape of your cornea, potentially affecting Lasik laser surgery outcomes.


Pre-procedure instructions before Lasik eye surgery

You will be asked to require antibiotic drops in eyes as prescribed by the doctor.

You can even be asked to require combiflam an hour before the procedure to avoid allergy to the drug.

You will be asked to require light food two hours before Lasik eye procedure.

Please wash your hair and scrub your face with soap and water on the day of surgery.

Do not use any perfume, deodorant, or sprays on the day of surgery.

Make sure to urge a pair of sunglasses on the day of surgery.

Discontinue contact lenses for a couple of days before the procedure.

Inform the doctor about your history of eye diseases, allergies, or medications you had.

During Lasik laser eye surgery

Just before the surgery starts, numbing eye drops are applied to your eye in order that you are doing not feel any pain or discomfort.

Your eyes will then be positioned under the laser. An instrument called a lid speculum would be wont to keep your eyelids open during the surgery.

A suction ring is additionally placed to the front of your eye before cutting the corneal flap to stop eye movement and sensation of pressure.

Then the surgeon will use a cutting laser to make a flap from the front a part of your eye. The corneal flap is folded a touch in order that the surgeon can get access to your cornea to be reshaped.

Then, an excimer laser is employed consistent with your needs. you’ll be asked to specialise in the purpose of sunshine for a brief time. The laser then reshapes the cornea. you would possibly feel a touch of pressure and listen to a clicking sound during the procedure.

After Lasik laser eye surgery

Just once you are through with Lasik laser eye surgery, you’ll be asked to rest a touch . you would possibly feel a short lived itching or burning sensation after the procedure.


After a short time , you’ll return home. confirm you arrange for somebody who can drive you back home as you can’t drive until the doctor reexamines your eyes the subsequent day.

You will experience blurriness immediately after the surgery. However, this haziness goes away on its own and vision gets stabilized within a couple of days.

Take all necessary precautions as advised by your doctor, and you’ll revisit to your routine during a week or two post laser eye surgery.

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