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The Essential Tips To Get Through CISA Exam

CISA is a certification examination can be taken up by auditors or those working in the information systems and have had experience in security and control as an add-on. It is for aspirants who want to explore better avenues for their career growth. It is a globally recognized certification that the ISCA issues for those who get through the exam in flying colors. Several people have earned the CISA designation and have obtained their dream jobs with great pay to go with their high profile jobs.

Let us look into what it takes to prepare for such a prestigious certification.

  • Judicious use of CISA review manual though the user has to be able to work on the application of the knowledge

  • Information security happens to be a central subject in CISA domains, which covers 25% of the examinations. The rest of the portions would include

  • auditing information systems

  • the governance and management of IT

  • information acquisition, development, and implementation

  • ISACA has its own publication of which you can utilize for exam preparation, including the CRM manual, which gives you a fair description of the type and structure of the question paper pattern. You can subscribe and avail the study material for your exam prep which contains

  • CISA review questions along with answers and explanations manual

  • Review questions database

  • 1000’s of multiple-choice study questions

  • You also can collect a lot of free stuff that ISACA official publications provide along with the paid material such as

  • 50 question sample exam

  • ISACA glossary

  • Whitepapers that focus on the exam

  • Customizing a study plan would work better, dedicating the five domains of the syllabus an equal time. After which you can attempt the mock exams. The need to work on the subjects that require more time and improvement from your side.

  • The aspirant has to decide when he/she wants to take up the exam and begin the preparation after checking on the exam dates and time from the official website

  • Every subject has to be given equal importance and taking up practice tests and reviewing exam simulations will provide you with confidence to appear for the actual exam

  • You can develop enough understanding of the topic by going through the study material with emphasis on each domain and pick your option of training methodology for the preparation.

  • You can pick up a study plan from trying out which one will work out for you and stick to the plan that helps you cover all topics and dedicate time for the mock questions as well

  • It would be better for you to get some real-world experience from an instructor who will guide you through the strategies and give you the required in-person training which would be a kind of prep for your exam as well

  • Online forums for CISA aspirants are available wherein you can also seek expert advice who are on call and will enlighten you to how the exam can be approached and how to develop the focus on each domain

  • The aspirant has to have an exam day prep plan handy by having the mandatory documentation that would be required for the appearing in the exam, such as identification, etc.

  • There would be the need to keep the mind calm and composed as well as the body healthy to able to take up the exam without any hurdles. Try not to burden with studying only on some days but regular and continuous preparation will not cause you to panic on the exam day and will help you be well prepared to take up the exam and perform well

  • Being cautious of the time frame in when answering questions, this where the mock exams will come handy and the practice will enable you to finish the allotted questions in the required time frame


The CISA certification can give you a prolific career, and if you are aspirant taking up the exam. It would surely be a turning point in your career, and one of the best moves for the growth of your professional life. Clearing the exam would be a great payoff to help you make that move for bigger things.

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