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Structured Data Google Penalties – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

If you take interest in crawling and analyzing your website by the search engines in the right way then structured data can help you a lot here. Decoding the content of the web page is often difficult for the search engines. There can be a loss in rankings if the data implementation has errors in it.

Structured data penalties

Structured data penalties can occur because of the mistakes in the structured data as per the guidelines of Google. There is also a possibility of spam penalties. So, avoiding the penalties and knowing the mistakes becomes important here. If you will add this type of data to the site then it is considered very good. But if you will implement it in a wrong manner then the problem can occur. Structured data penalties can occur when you do not follow Google’s guidelines. However, knowing the mistakes and avoiding them becomes important for you. Now I am going to tell you about 5 mistakes to avoid in structured data Google penalties.

1. Use of inappropriate structured data From the beginning you have to do it right, only then avoiding the structured data penalties will be possible. You can prevent yourself from any Google penalty if avoiding the usage of improper data is already known to you.


There may be a reason for the use of this type of data and so you need to use it accordingly. If the business is providing a service then there is no way to use this type of data for an item. Because of structured data mistakes of these kinds your site can be penalized by Google. So, for avoiding the penalties, use that data which is related to those activities of the company that are currently going in it.

2. Page content and the structured data do not match If the page content does not match with the structured data then a penalty can be imposed on your site. A deliberate act or a mistake can be the reason for mismatch. After posting the content you can’t deviate or tweak it. But if you will try to do this then it will violate the standard guidelines of Google. Google will penalize your site for this.

3. Guidelines for specific data are not followed Penalties can be imposed on your site if for a specific data you do not follow the standard guidelines. The requirement to read the developer page arises because of these issues. A manual penalty can be imposed on your site as a result of this. So, in order to identify the correct and worthy things you need to examine the Google developer pages two times. If you take interest in publishing the content of a particular type then reading the relevant developer pages will take only a few minutes.

4. General guidelines of structured data are not reviewed If you take interest in using the structured data or specific data types then you need to review the standard guidelines for these. Google penalties can be imposed on your site if you have not reviewed these guidelines in an appropriate manner. For reaching the right side you have to review the data usage related to the rules and policies. Google’s testing tool may have validated this type of data. In spite of this, that type of data can be wrong. Therefore, it becomes important for you that before taking the advantage of this type of data, you identify the guidelines of using it.

5. Using the structured data without being ethical with it Google penalties can be imposed on your site if you do not use this type of data in an ethical manner or if you use shortcuts. Now in order to gain visitors you need to use the structured data’s actual content. But if instead of using it, you use the dubious data then all this happens. If you hide the web page’s stars, reviews and schema then penalties can be imposed on your site. Thus, for avoiding the penalties you need to mark them up and show all these also.

Do these things

  • For the search queries of users, you need to give an answer that is engaging and relevant.
  • For the content that is visible, always use the structured data.
  • Use Google’s testing tool for checking and fixing the warnings.
  • For your site pages use different markup.
  • There are certain activities that are non-events. The markup data need not to be integrated for these. Instead do the integration for events only.
  • Don’t allow business or sites to leave reviews. Give permission to only unpaid reviewers or genuine customers to leave the reviews.

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