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Self – Leadership  be truthfull to your values

We often find ourselves in unpredictable situations where we’ve to settle on between right and wrong. this is often not the time to make a decision where you stand. i think if you’re getting to achieve greatness you want to pre- determine what your value system is beforehand. what’s it that basically matters to you in terms of ethical character, integrity in business and usually having a point of reference from which you create decisions? If you’re getting to be truly self-led and be faithful yourself you would like to possess clear moral, ethical or spiritual values.

I am sure you’ve got heard it said before that once you are in Rome do because the Romans do. It sounds good if the intention is relevance and blending in with societal norms in order that you are doing not become a misfit. it’s not good advice if you want to now bend your values and behave sort of a chameleon that changes its colour to suit its surroundings. Character inconsistencies can’t be your portion if you’re getting to be a self- led person of high integrity. it’s important to understand what your values are in order that you’re consistent in your character, making your actions predictable in whatever environment you discover yourself in.

I remember how i used to be once inconsistent as a youth during my private school days. There was a time when it had been frowned upon to enjoy and hear secular music in our Christian circles. So we all publicly declared that we might not hear secular music. Being in private school , it had been easy to “uphold” this value during the varsity term. After all, the opportunities for exposure were few and much between. The story would change when it had been time for the varsity holidays. As soon as I got home, i might be the primary one to show up the quantity on the radio. My favourite station played secular hits all day and that i was now in my element and enjoyed myself.

Now, you would possibly be thinking that what I even have just shared is peer-pressure for a teenage highschool student. what percentage times have we in our adult lives stood for what we believed in when it had been convenient and backed down when it had been uncomfortable to remain faithful our ethical values? we frequently choose expedience instead of what we believe is that the right thing to try to to . Therefore, there’s got to clarify our values in order that they become a compass that directs our path, shapes our decisions and guides what we prioritize.

Clear values are the cornerstones upon which life is made . These are non-negotiable guiding principles that determine what you’ll or won’t do whether someone is watching or not, whether you get caught or not. they’re a mechanism for self-accountability. Values will steer you within the right direction in your school, job, marriage or wherever you discover yourself. It takes talent to be a hit but clear values are the backbone of sustained success. It doesn’t matter which way the wind blows; you’re firm, solid and grounded in what you think in.

Values simplify life because you’ve got made up your mind on who you’re and from then onward you’re simply maintaining them. you would like to work out what your values are in terms of your spiritual life, family, intellectual life, wellness, fitness, personal wealth, business and your career. once you come unstuck and you are doing not know what to try to to ask your values. I once worked for a business that had a “code of business principles” that they adhered to with all strictness albeit it meant shutting down operations in certain countries. As far as I can remember they never flinched. Did it cost them some opportunities? Yes! They suffered major setbacks in terms of the operations of the business but the corporate survived the terrible times.


You may be challenged to bend the principles and perform for fast gratification and temporary gains particularly when the days are tough economically. It’s possible that you simply won’t get that big order, miss the chance to form quick, easy money, that’s alright! i used to be once fired from employment as a sales manager because i used to be not producing sales results. I never appeared to be ready to close a purchase because the buyers with the large “bucks” expected to be bribed. it had been against my values and that i lost out because I stood my ground. Be faithful your values, let the chance pass and that i guarantee you’ll survive and emerge on the opposite side together with your integrity, reputation and values intact. you’ll be ready to attract opportunities where that sort of integrity may be a requirement for fulfillment .

Fitzgerald Mujuru has extensive experience and expertise in marketing and sales, management for top global brands.Has given numerous seminars to varied companies, entrepreneurs,leadership groups.He has appeared on variety of radio programs discussing various leadership and private development topics. He has written 3 books (Power Thought for Today Success Motivation, Winning Ways-Precept Upon Precept,This Christian Life), and a number of other online magazine articles. His motivational,training, sales/ marketing and leadership seminars are well attended and highlighted as thought -provoking and value -adding.He is a sales trainer, business consultant specializing in marketing and private development and training .

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