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Prostate problems can occur at a young age. What are their symptoms, manifestations and solutions?

The prostate gland, or prostate, is one of the parts of the reproductive system that usually receives very little attention. However, the problem occurs when the first problems with it and various unpleasant symptoms, such as pain or difficulty urinating, begin to appear. What do these symptoms mean and how to deal with them?

Why the prostate is important and what problems affect it

The prostate is a glandular organ the size of a nut, usually up to 3 to 4 centimeters in diameter. It is located in the bladder and at the same time the lower urinary tract passes around it. The task of the prostate is mainly the production of prostatic secretions.

It is part of ejaculate, it even makes up a third of its volume. Prostate secretion is important mainly for fertility, because it provides a suitable environment for sperm, which has a positive effect on their motility and the maintenance of other properties needed for fertilization of the egg. That is why it is important to keep the prostate healthy.

The most common prostate problems and their manifestations include:

  • benign prostatic enlargement, also known as benign hyperplasia, manifested mainly by intermittent urine and frequent urination
  • enlargement of the prostate due to a tumor or cancer, which is already a more serious condition, its symptoms are similar to the previous benign enlargement
  • inflammation of the prostate, which can have asymptomatic and symptomatic form, in the latter case there is mainly prostate pain or blood in the urine
  • most often the problems associated with urination and its unusual course indicate the problems, functional disorders and deterioration of the prostate condition

Improving the condition of the prostate in natural ways

These prostate disorders and problems can affect men of virtually any age, especially prostatitis. Harmless enlargement is more typical of middle-aged men, but there are exceptions.

Therefore, it is good to support a healthy prostate preventively:

Limitation of prostate strain: In the first place, all negative effects that worsen the condition of the prostate and expose it to great exertion must be minimized. It is necessary to limit the use of too tight underwear, from sports cycling and do not expose the prostate to heat from heated seats.

Regular ejaculation: To maintain constant prostate function, support the activity of its glands and the formation of prostate secretion, it is important to ejaculate regularly. Thanks to this, prostatic secretion is systematically formed and in this way its healthy state and functioning are supported, as well as the activity of the testicles. For strong erection use Fildena 100 or  Fildena 150 

Reducing irritating foods: The diet and what diet you eat is also very important to prevent various prostate problems and disorders. Watch out for spicy, greasy, heavy and fried foods and salted foods. Instead, consume more nuts, vegetables, fruits, fish and also seeds.

Changing the drinking regime: What you drink also contributes to the condition of the prostate, as well as other parts of the reproductive system. The problem is mainly irritating foods such as alcohol, coffee, energy drinks or excessive drinking of high caffeine teas. All these substances irritate the prostate and impair its function.

Improving lifestyle: An equally important measure for the overall support of the prostate is to improve lifestyle and lifestyle. This should mainly include standard measures such as reducing smoking, more exercise, minimizing stress or getting enough sleep, which generally support the health of the entire reproductive system.


Herbs and Plants: Many herbs and teas can help you support your prostate, prevent it from benign enlargement, and also cause some difficulty urinating due to enlargement or inflammation of the prostate. Try, for example, sabal palm, goldenrod, nettle or ground anchor.

Natural remedy: You can also use the mentioned herbs, but also other substances beneficial for the prostate, especially some amino acids, omega fatty acids and minerals, in the form of preparations. They can be special nutritional supplements, but also tablets with a complex effect on sexual health use Fildena 120 or Vigora 100.

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