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A List of Motorcycle Gear You Need to Ride Safely

Whether you ride your motorcycle daily or a limited number of times, you cannot take the risk of riding a bike without wearing any motorcycle gear. Your safety is paramount, and it can only be safeguarded by using quality motorcycle gear while riding your way to work or a casual ride. If you’ve searched for the best motorcycle gear near Whittier, you must have got an idea of what protective gear you must have while taking a ride on your motorcycle. 

Unfortunately, not all the bikers pay special attention to these gears. While many steps ahead for their safety and use most of the essential motorcycle gears, others choose to ignore it. In this ultimate guide, you will not only find the complete checklist of motorcycle gear one should have, but you will get to know why each gear is important. Read till the end to learn everything you should be aware of before purchasing any motorcycle gear near Whittier.  


No matter where you live, wearing a helmet is a must while riding your motorcycle. Even the law of the land has made it compulsory for the riders to keep their head covered and protected with a good helmet while riding. Irrespective of your motorcycling experience, you cannot ignore the possibility of encountering a road accident. Not having your head protected at such an unfortunate event can create lifelong challenges for you or any other rider. To always be on the safe side, look for the best motorcycle helmets near Whittier

Before your search, be sure about the specifications of the helmet. Having a full helmet is always better than a ¾ helmet or ½ helmet because the former gives excellent coverage to both your head and face. So while looking for motorcycle helmets near Whittier, always go for a full helmet. You can also visit a Harley Davidson shop near Whittier to explore and get the best helmet for yourself.


Feet and leg injuries are equally painful and troublesome as head injuries. Even a sudden turn on a slippery road may lead your bike to slip down, causing significant damage to your legs. Having your feet and legs covered with quality motorcycle boots with built-in armor can create a big difference and ensure minimal damage. While looking for the best quality boots, make sure to purchase the ones that are breathable and waterproof. 

Besides boots, you can also look for good motorcycle tires near Whittier or visit a nearby Harley Davidson shop near Whittier to get good quality tires. Having good tires can also reduce the chances of possible slips or accidents on the roads, so don’t shy while spending on your safety.  


Hands usually suffer great damage during a fall from a moving bike, as they are extended first to protect themselves. Your knuckles, fingers, and palms can get severely damaged in an accident if they are not covered with good gloves. When you start looking for motorcycle gear near Whittier, make sure to start your search with gloves.  


Water-resistant purchase gloves come with a comfortable fit and have good armor. You can look for the various options available while searching for reliable motorcycle gloves near Whittier. Always look for gloves from a well-known brand, and read what other bikers have to say about those gloves. Once you’re convinced from all the aspects, buy the best gloves that suit your budget and requirement. 


Ever wondered how much is your spine affected when you fall on the ground from a fast-moving bike? Spinal injuries are severe and can make you bed-ridden for the rest of your life. Having an approved back protector safeguarding your back is the best option you can adopt to keep your back safe from possible grave injuries. Armour can be placed under your jacket for maximum benefit. Also, your joints should be kept protected with the help of CE-approved armor inserts. 

D30 is a comparatively recent innovation that is soft and pliable to touch. What makes it special is its ability to mold itself to your body shape. It chemically changes when it is hit hard by external forces and instantly hardens protecting your back. You can visit the Harley Davidson shop near Whittier to look for quality armor.   


Jackets are best for protecting the upper part of the body. No matter whether you’re driving to a nearby café or going on a long ride on your bike, you should always wear a jacket for proper protection. You can find a wide range of motorcycle jackets made of different materials, style, and functionality. Make a checklist of the things you want to have in the jacket, and then buy one before your next ride. When you start looking for the best motorcycle gloves near Whittier or motorcycle tires near Whittier, add jackets to your search list too. 


Having a clear and uninterrupted vision is the basic requirement for a safe ride. If you’re mostly out during the day time in bright sunshine, you should not ignore wearing tinted visors. A clear visor or sunglasses work best for riders post-sunset. For the rainy season, a high-quality yellow visor works like a charm. When you’re on your way to the Harley David shop near Whittier, be sure to look for premium quality visors.  

If you don’t have any budget limitation while looking for the latest and best motorcycle gear near Whittier, then add body armor and pants to the above list. You can enjoy a safe motorcycle riding experience if you use most, if not all, the gears mentioned above in the list. The list was prepared to keep your overall body protection in mind. If you don’t have any of the motorcycle gear mentioned in the list, be sure to get them all today.   

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