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Long term complications of asthma

Asthma evolves as a dreadful disease when it affects the patients. It affects the immune system as well as the respiratory system of the body.

Asthma disease is divided into some categories; they are adult and child asthma, allergic, COPD overlap, EIB, non-allergic, occupational, nocturnal, and allergic asthma.

Besides, this asthma is divided into two broad categories they are long-term asthma and short-term asthma.

Both long-term asthma and short-term asthma is very dreadful for asthma patients, but long term asthma is very vulnerable and hazardous for asthma patients.

Asthmatic patients should be very careful about the treatment of asthma. The right treatment and the right care can prevent asthma from being the dreadful long term asthma affecting the rest of your lives and careers.

Long term asthma is a harmful disease for asthmatic patients. It makes them so vulnerable and uneasy that they can’t even perform their day to day chores. For keeping a severe asthma attack at bay one should use an Duolin inhaler after consulting a doctor.

Causes and complications of asthma

Asthma is an incessant disease that obstructs and blocks the airways and air passages of the lungs. Long term asthma occurs due to respiratory function and many physical activities. Long term asthma occurs due to the rise of air pollutants in the air, irritants such as smoke and fume.

Long term asthma lasts or affects the body of asthma patients due to the deterioration of the immunity system and the resistant power of the body.

To get rid of asthma symptoms one should use a Levolin inhaler and take the required number of puffs daily.

But when the air passages become inflamed and narrowed, breathing and respiration can’t occur properly and in long-term asthma, this major ailment or factor occurs. Long term asthma makes bronchial air passage so lean that one can’t inhale and exhale properly.

Many breathing implications arise while breathing. Yes in the long-term asthma breathing evolves tough. The obstacles that one can experience while breathing are:-

Wheezing and whistling sound while breathing, deposition of cough in the bronchial or respiratory system, sneezing, irritation in the neck and mouth, often issues of headache and vomiting and puking, etc.

Long term asthma makes asthma patient clumsy, idle, and sluggish. The asthmatic patient becomes so uncomfortable that he/she often deals with sleeping disorders and insomnia.

Due to insomnia, an asthmatic patient is subjected to take sleeping pills frequently. Yes, he/she might have no other option than taking on sleeping pills. Sometimes, the overdose of sleeping pills becomes dreadful for patients. To keep such other disorders and problems away using an Duolin inhaler in the early stages of long-term or severe asthma is critical, to say the least.

How to avoid long-term asthma:-

Long term asthma can be avoided by taking some steps and measures carefully.

The steps, measures, and safety norms constitute these factors which are:-

  • Long term asthmatic patients should avoid going outside in winter and chilled season. He/she should avoid keeping pets with them in the home as pet’s fur may appear dreadful for them.
  • Along with this, one should avoid pollen and dust.
  • Not only this, one should quit smoking and also avoid active and passive smoking as passive smoking is very hazardous for health than active smoking.
  • One has to keep herself/himself from aerosol sprays like perfumes and sprays as it may be fatal to r health.
  • Besides this one should avoid unnecessary stress as being over-emotional can be fatal for asthmatic patients and sufferers, as the flow of over emotion can choke the air passage and can increase the level of blood pressure in the body of asthma patient.
  • Long term asthmatic patients should avoid themselves from oily, processed, or refined food as these may dwindle or recede the air passage, which makes breathing more difficult and uncomfortable for asthma patient.

Precautions for asthma patients:-

Long term asthma patients should take many precautions to decrease the level of asthma and to be careful they are:-

  • Long term asthma patients should take pneumococcal vaccines.
  • Long term asthma patients should keep the neck and chest warm in cold weather
  • They should take plenty of herbal tea to keep themselves warm in the winter season.
  • Asthma patients should consume plenty of water and fluids to keep them hydrated, otherwise, the problem of acidity may arise.
  • Patients of cities should equip their room with an air purifier which is the basic requirement for them, and this is necessary for them when they stay at the peak level of asthma.
  • The asthmatic patient should be provided with the nebulizer in the accumulation with the rescue inhaler such as Duolin inhaler. With this, they should be provided with air quality monitors, symptom trackers, etc.
  • A long term asthma patient should be provided with a body sensor watches to monitor blood pressure and oxygen level of the body.
  • Not only this, the sensor or tracking device will remind long-term asthma patients to take medicines in time.
  • Moreover, long-term asthma patients should take appropriate medications and should be in touch with doctors frequently.


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