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Limiting Beliefs: How to Avoid the Thoughts that Prevent you from Growing?

Have you already stopped trying something new because you thought you wouldn’t be able to? This behavior is related to limiting beliefs.

Surely you have ever heard a phrase like “if you want real changes, do things differently”, in short, this phrase could define quite well the topic we will talk about today, limiting beliefs.

How many times have you wanted to make a change in your life but you don’t dare to take the first step? It is that many times – very many! -, we stop doing what we want because of some thoughts that prevent us from trying. Find more about it on News PK Jobs .

And here we are not talking about laziness or lack of motivation , but about limiting beliefs. This term is famous and refers to a series of illusions that we build in our heads and that put limits on our growth.

It is not uncommon for pessimistic thinking to prevent us from pursuing our positive ambitions . But, in the end, what are limiting beliefs and how to overcome them?

Limiting beliefs: what are they?

When we speak of limiting beliefs, we refer to perceptions of the reality that we construct, and that take root in our mind, about which we have no doubts.

These thoughts operate as limits that condition the decisions we make and prevent us from leaving the place, taking risks and growing. That is why we also call them “limiting beliefs.” And it is generally difficult to question what we believe, right?

Do you want a concrete example ?

How many people say to themselves: “I would like to have my own business, work with what I like and organize my time in a better way, but I don’t think I will be able to risk trying.”

For some reason – which may come from childhood experiences, social relationships, or even personal perception – we believe that we do not deserve what we want.

More than a problem of low self-esteem, we are facing a limiting belief . In the end, it was that thought that prevented movement in the direction of the life we ​​want to have .

And in order to break them, it is necessary to better understand where they arise from. Shall we start?

Family environment in childhood

The environment in which we grew up, mainly during early childhood, has immense power to shape our personality.

The way we are seen by the family members with whom we live in our childhood (especially up to 7 years) determines, to a large extent, the perception we have of ourselves and that we carry into adult life.

For example, if you have been told that you were not an intelligent boy or girl because you were not doing so well in school, at that time your mind believed it, and perhaps you have never encouraged yourself to study what you wanted. In the end, why try it if you already know that you are not intelligent. You see it?

But these kinds of situations don’t necessarily mean that you weren’t getting love and care, or that people were doing it on purpose to hurt you. In many cases, this is due to their own cultural and social baggage that your relatives brought, and that they could not avoid reproducing with you.

Social experiences

Limiting beliefs that come from social interactions are also extremely common, extending into adolescence and adult life.

And it is that after we insert ourselves into diverse places of coexistence — school, church or a theater course, for example — we begin to have contact with other worlds that go far beyond the one presented to us at home.

This causes us to leave the familiar place, which is our family, and face other relationships. In this way we are exposed to new prejudices and a series of social issues such as bullying , machismo, racism, gordofobia, etc.

From these experiences, various limiting beliefs originate and establish. Many times, when it seems that you do not fit in or do not have enough social acceptance, you attribute it to yourself as your own problem and you feel rejected, incapable, worthless, etc.


In addition to the factors that we have mentioned, there is another that has to do with who we are and what we bring in our personality. That is why it is impossible to say that going through a certain experience will affect everyone in the same way.

Emotions and the way of seeing the world, although they are also constructed, are part of individuality.

And this is also reflected in the way we try to turn around limiting beliefs, or how long it takes us to take an initiative to overcome them.

What are the most common limiting beliefs?

You just have to look: when someone offers you something very interesting or when a great professional opportunity arises in your life, do you usually reply right away with a pessimistic phrase?

If so, we have a limiting belief alert! Look at some very common examples that can be applied to various situations:

  • I am not good enough;
    This is not for me;
    I don’t have the necessary capacity;
    I’m afraid to do it;
    I would like but I don’t have time;
    I have no discipline to maintain it;
    it is my dream but it is not for me;
    I would love to, but I can’t afford it;
    it’s too late to try to change things.
  • You can probably identify situations in which you have thought of any of these examples, right? The list is immense and is not just limited to these limiting beliefs, but basically includes any thoughts that may prevent you from at least trying something.

As you can imagine, they have a negative effect, as they limit your personal growth and the possibility of taking advantage of your abilities 100% to achieve the desired professional success .

How to overcome these limiting beliefs?

By this point in the text, you must have realized that managing limiting beliefs is a real challenge that requires us, above all, to be resilient , isn’t it?

This is because they create roots and, when they come from the long term, they demand a lot of effort and a lot of internal work to overcome them.

The truth is that you cannot change the past, the experiences you have had or the people you have lived with. As much as it hurts, it is not worth suffering thinking that “if it had been different …”, because we cannot go back.


But what you can change is now. Use the present as a space to begin to overcome the limiting beliefs that are ingrained in your mind.

Regardless of how they originated, they can be broken by identifying the causes, changes in your routine and with adjustments in the way you see the world and see yourself.

See what will help you let go of those thoughts.

Dare to get out of your comfort zone
The first – and perhaps the hardest – step in getting rid of limiting beliefs is getting out of your comfort zone. Not being afraid of entering unfamiliar territory and opening up to change is essential to overcome your own limits and grow on a personal and professional level.

This does not mean that you have to completely abandon the places where you feel safe and that bring you fruit. Rather, it is about adding new experiences.

Therefore, experience situations, social circles or goals completely different from everything to which you are already conditioned. See latest Government Jobs .

Stay away from the causes

Identifying the reasons that lead you to limiting beliefs is also very valid. If the people you grew up with were very rigid or demanding and made you believe you were failing even though you tried, how about gaining a little distance and cultivating other types of referrals?

This does not mean that you have to get away from your family and it does not have to do with the love that may exist between you, but rather that distance can help you better recognize what you should work on in your family relationships and how to heal what still limits you.

If it is the person next to you who makes you feel that you do not deserve the happiness and achievements you achieve, it is worth having a serious and honest conversation. Sharing life with someone who helps you grow and whom you can also help is important.

Think that the healthier your ties are, the more love you can build with those you relate to.

Work your mind and spirit

Lastly, mastering your mind and cultivating your spirit is essential. It is possible to work on the frustrations that we carry for years, the fears that paralyze us, or habits that are detrimental to our growth, such as procrastination .

Questioning your concepts about yourself —believing more in yourself, your abilities and your competence—, trusting and being thankful for what is possible in your life, can bring a state of freedom and peace that will make you flow better.

This change is not overnight and can often be made more difficult than we would like. But the good news is that the most important thing in this process is up to you: making the decision to do it.

Keep reading because later we will present some of the possible paths.

3 practical ideas to break limiting beliefs
As you have seen, it is not impossible to overcome limiting beliefs (believing in that would be falling into your own trap!) .

The ways for you to do your inner work are endless, and you will surely find the ones that make you feel more comfortable. The best thing is that you choose a way of doing it that you really think can contribute.

Of course, keep your heart open for new possibilities and, above all, trust!

Here are some options that can help you live with fewer limiting beliefs and explore your full potential.

Meditate and practice Yoga
These ancient practices will bring you benefits on a physical, mental and spiritual level as they help you control your mind , lower anxiety levels and achieve a better connection with your being.

Both of one and the other, there are different ways to practice them, as well as styles, and that means that many people can include it in their routine in different places (even in your own home).

It is recommended to start with a teacher who can guide you. And for this, remember that there are both face-to-face and online options.


It is proven that doing physical exercises is important for health in general as challenges will help you gain self-confidence, improve yourself and also control your mind. In addition, of course, to generate a physical and emotional well-being .

At first it can be difficult but with perseverance and possible objectives, you will achieve it. If you have the opportunity, follow the guidance of appropriate professionals so that you can do it safely and healthily.

Bet on self-knowledge

At this point, the possibilities are endless. From the most traditional psychology to the so-called alternative therapies —such as family constellation, acupuncture, flower therapies, etc—, all these practices will enable you to find and work on the causes of your limiting beliefs.

From different places and with different tools, any type of therapy seeks to contribute to your self-knowledge and help you achieve an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.

In conclusion, to work and overcome limiting beliefs and realize your full potential, you need to challenge yourself!

Ask yourself and question “what is real about everything I think and believe?” Find and make your own way through your experiences. You will surely strengthen yourself and, little by little, you will take the weight of insecurity, doubts, fear of failure and frustrations from your backpack (even a little).

Give value to your experiences and encourage yourself to go for more, life is today! The result will be to achieve new professional achievements and have a better quality of life .

How are you? Are you already feeling lighter?

To motivate you and take the first step in the direction of what you want, we leave you a story to inspire you .

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