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A Gray Kitchen: Even Science Supports for It

Gray could be your new white if you are an admirer of the minimalistic approach. The kitchen area is often experimented with exciting colors to make room for innovation and creativity. From the different warm shades to the cooler hues, interior decorators rule out nothing to conceive a kitchen of the next level or to match up to the homeowner’s expectations.

However, little do the decorators wonder that the color gray has diverse psychological effects and offers a lot of flexibility. And if not entirely gray, a gray and white kitchen would let you integrate your cooking space into any style.

Transformation of Kitchen Through the Ages

During the 1920s it was the Mediterranean and Art Deco styles that were prevalent. From the 1930s to 1950s it was the mid-century transitional styles that ruled. While the cabinets were preferred in warm brown shades back then, beyond the 50s white became more common. The style has never changed substantially since then until recently. Gray has started to be seen in numerous futuristic design patterns in combination with clean minimal lines.

The Science Behind Gray

From being the dispassionate industrial decor to a sophisticated suit, gray has had different interpretations. It is a color that can be easily overlooked, but it can also leave you a lot of space. It is neither as empty as white nor as consuming as black. Oft-times gray is referred to as the ultimate negotiator.

When it comes to the physical effects of gray, it is less pronounced than other colors. It is calm and the perfect neutral.

Color Gray Has Been Associated with Intelligence and Prominence

Interestingly, gray has been the signature color for many legends and world-famous personalities over the years. Esteemed physicist Albert Einstein was known to wear gray suits every day as he didn’t want to waste brainpower to choose clothes. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO always wears a gray t-shirt. Ex-American President Barak Obama preferred gray suits as his White House wardrobe. Do you remember the character of Pee Wee Herman portrayed by Paul Reubens? He always wore gray suits.

Gray has been the color of prestige as well. That’s the reason why global brands, like Forbes, Wikipedia, Mercedes, Lexus, Swarovski, Nissan, Mercedes, etc. have chosen gray as their brand theme color.

Gray in Your Kitchen—The Silent Splendour

Your home must feel like home, not an arthouse. However, the reason why the big-wigs have relied on gray because it successfully adorns the cooking space without being loud. So here are a few reasons why you may brand your kitchen with gray:

  1. It Relaxes Your Mind

Your kitchen is not typically the destination where you would go to unwind. It is one of the busiest corners of the house where a lot takes place. From storing the essential items to chopping the veggies, from cleaning to preparing the meal—all that generally make you restless. 


Gray that is pretty cool in appearance works like a tranquilizer. Your designer might suggest you the shades of blue, such as teal on the ceiling to calm it down. However, color psychology says, too much of the cool shades can kill one’s appetite. If you have observed, the restaurants and the cafés have nice warmer hues on their walls.

Keeping that in mind, gray is the neutral color and the perfect choice to offer some relaxation to your mind. 

  1. Gray Never Makes It Kitschy

If you have hired a decorator who likes to play on the vibrant side, then fair enough, but can you afford to make your kitchen look like a gaudy film set? Probably no! The gray and white kitchens are one of the loveliest choices in a modern home, eliminating all the clumsiness. The dishes, bowls, shelves, refrigerator, spoons and knives, food items—your kitchen space is always equipped with countless objects of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Don’t let the rich and bright walls overshadow them.

Gray makes all those important items visible with sophistication. You can pick the wooden flooring or brownish backsplash to achieve that balanced look.

  1. Let Your Kitchen Breathe with Gray

It might not be a palatial home you are living in. But with the power of gray, you can turn your 2 BHK apartment into your own little palace. Owners often face challenges with a smaller kitchen area. And if you use the darker emulsions, it would appear to be more stuffy than it is.

Going by science, black is an engulfing color, it tends to absorb everything, even light. White could offer some respite but could be too dull without the right tricks applied. Gray, on the other hand, is refined and makes your compact kitchen space pretty much airy.

  1. Gray for Every Mood

Although science and psychologists connect gray with depression and pessimism, it is also identified by dignity and diplomacy. It subsides the extremities and being ambiguous caters to every mood. 

Abalone, Rhino, Lava, Iron, Thunder, Pewter, Stone—the color palettes of gray would never disappoint you.

There are literally uncountable ways to incorporate gray in your kitchen remodeling. Beyond a gray and white kitchen, a tinge of purple or green can also work like wonders. And in case you find all the 50 shades of gray too overwhelming, consider the handpicked hues mentioned right above. Believe in gray, let perfection flourish in non-absolutism!

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