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Innumerable uses and Benefits of FRP Gratings

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic or FRP is turning out to be a very popular material to make different kinds of products like FRP Gratings. FRP is not a new material, rather, it has been in the industry since quite some time. Since years, FRP is used to make various products like gratings etc. FRP Gratings are used for a variety of purposes, like, for making grids, walkways, bridges, platforms, stairs and a plenty of other things. Additionally, FRP Gratings are also used for making swimming pools, tower packing supports and many other products. Some of the companies even make effluent trench cover using FRP. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that FRP gratings are used for a wide variety of purposes.

Listed below are a few of the top reasons that make FRP Gratings a favorite of the industry:

  • FRP Gratings are strong

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is a strong material. Therefore, it is a favorite choice of many industries and companies. It is also turning out to be an ideal solution to treat corrosion related issues in different environments as well. FRP is a nice substitute for aluminum and steel. It is greatly recommended for a corrosive environment. Specially, if FRP is used in the walkways and stairways. Also, the replacement cost is very much acceptable and manageable. Therefore, FRP Gratings are considered a little better than many other type of materials that might be used for making gratings and other products.

  • FRP Gratings are cost-effective

One of the other major reasons of choosing FRP Gratings over a wide range of other products that are used for making walkways, stairs, bridges etc. is the cost effectiveness of FRP. It is not a very expensive material, especially if we compare it to several other materials like steel, aluminum etc. Every project owner would like to save money when it comes to managing expensive projects like making bridges etc. Hence, they would always prefer a cost-effective alternative over anything else. As a result, FRP turns out to be quite a hit amongst the industry.

  • Corrosion Resistant

Resistant to corrosion is one of the strongest and most valued quality of FRP. As, FRP is used for large scale projects, therefore, the projects owners need to make sure that the product that are building lasts long. Also, it should require minimal or nil maintenance. Therefore, FRP, being corrosion resistant is preferred over corrosive metals. Also, as the products made using FRP could be exposed to moisture, thus, choosing FRP is a great choice to save the bridges etc. from corrosion and degradation.


  • Lighter in Weight

FRP is relatively lighter in weight as compared to various other alternatives like metals. Being lighter in weight, FRP is considered as an ideal choice for making various products. FRP might be lighter in weight, but it is considered as one of the most solid materials used to make big products like stairs, waterways etc.

Listed above are only a few of the top qualities of FRP Gratings or Fiberglass Gratings, apart from these also, there are tons of reasons to choose FRP Gratings over other materials to make several products.

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