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How To Wear Joggers Without Looking Frumpy

Jogger pants were introduced to us as an outfit for exercise, more commonly people called them sports pants. These lightweight and comfy pants are usually tapered and have an athletic look. Another thing you’d notice in joggers is the elastic at the ankles and a drawstring waist.

The fashion industry has always been one of the most dynamic ones, incorporating new styles, trends, and changes after every few years and these changing trends have also brought jogger pants into the limelight. Joggers are now more versatile than ever and have become a key element of the wardrobe. You won’t seem odd or out of place now while you roam around in jogger pants, but make sure you style them correctly.

What To Wear With Joggers

Jogger pants can be paired with a lot of garments these days. Joggers are used to suiting various kinds of occasions but know that the one category that they still don’t fall into, is formal wear. Jogger pants offer an amazing casual look and this is mostly achieved by pairing them with T-shirts and hoodies. Some daring ones also wear joggers with dress shirts and blazers, but this needs to be done while taking care of everything else as well; the shoes, colour of the joggers and the shirt, and especially the shirt fit.

Wearing Joggers With Sweatshirts

Not too long ago, you’d think joggers with sweatshirts is what you’ll put on when relaxing on the couch with your friends, or at most when you head out to grab groceries. However, this outfit is now considered one of the most stylish street-wear garments. The athleisure trends have been on the rise and this sweatshirt-jogger combo is gaining a lot of traction these days. If you’re looking to polish this look even more, choose sneakers and boots that work well with the colour of your outfit.

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T-shirts And Joggers

Jogger pants symbolise casual wear, something you’d wear to feel more relaxed and comfortable. You can pair your joggers with a classy basic T-shirt to create a cool, stylish outlook while feeling incredibly comfortable at the same time. However, you should make sure your T-shirt isn’t too baggy, because this only looks good with a perfectly fitted T-shirt and the bottom of your joggers should be right above your ankles, not too high, not too low.

Track Jackets And Jogger Pants

Track jackets aren’t only confined to sports anymore, this cool and comfy jacket is back in the game and looks amazing when paired with joggers. Rock the amazing track jacket and jogger combination and give off the athletic vibe.

Hoodies And Jogger Pants

Have a penchant for casual dressing? There’s no better option than putting on a hoodie with jogger pants. This outfit is great for casual outings like a simple lunch or getting coffee. You can also ace that edgy street look by trying multiple layers with your basic joggers and hoodie.


Clothes really define your personality. The better outfit you wear, the better you’ll be perceived by the outer world, and therefore you shouldn’t compromise in this regard. Get yourself the best Noir LDN joggers for men to ace that casual look. You can also browse our website to find yourself the perfect winter cardigans, T-shirts, and much more.

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