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How to Buy Youtube Subscribers?

If you have a youtube channel then you must be pretty much worried about the growth of your channel because sometimes it takes only few days to grow your channel and sometimes it takes years to grow some certain numbers which you wished to lot of times you think of buying subscribers ( but this particular scenario is not possible as per the guideline created by you tube itself then what can be the solution of growing your channel so there are lot of ways to get youtube subscribers which will be something about buying subscribers.

1-)Through paid raid 

This can be the solution for you to gain some certain initial numbers on your youtube channel so in this form a person who owns a big channel can support you by charging some amount to you. That person will give the link to their subscribers or he will pin your channels link in the comment box or in the about section of his channel or can promote your channel on live by this some certain number of subscribers you can achieve. Now a days it pretty common form of getting subscribers.

2)-By promoting your work 

In this form you yourself promote your own work by paying some certain amount of money to youtube so basically in this case you tube make ad of your video and make it visible on the search page so by this the traffic on your video get increases and your video get more views and when lot of people visits on your channels then there are high number of chances for you to gain some big number of subscribers through this. This is also one of the most common way to get views and subscribers on your youtube channel.


3)-Through social media 

In this form it can be you or someone else can help you to get good number of subscribers so in this form you can get subscribers by posting link in your bio or in your about box on instagram or on Facebook. This is only applicable when you have some big number of followers (active followers) on your social media handles. If you don’t have that many numbers then you can give some certain amount of money to the person who is the owner of verified social media account they will give you the shout out with your channel on their story of particular social media.


These are the some common ways to achieve some initial subscribers but these processes can not give you big numbers in lacs or in millions don’t expect a lot by these ways but for your confidence if you get some good initial numbers then that will be more than enough for you. All of the techniques will only gonna work if you have some valid content on your channel because buying subscribers ( on the channel which has no content is not of any worth.

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