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How To Burn Extra Calories With Yoga

Even though gyms and fitness centers are closed due to the covid-19 epidemic, the journey of staying healthy should not stop. And to stay healthy it is necessary to have a balanced diet and exercise. Although there are many ways to exercise, to stay healthy in both mental and physical ways, the choice of yoga is good. In fact, yoga is the only exercise that can be done comfortably even at home, without using any equipment. All you need for yoga practice is a yoga mat, and you are ready to make your day.

By the way, many people think that yoga is done only by those who have a chronic disease or who have been of very old age. However, this assumption is absolutely wrong. In fact, yoga is an exercise that can range from young children to very old people. It not only helps us to stay fit but also helps us to lose weight and also plays an important role in making us feel calm and focused. Yoga helps you to keep pace with your body, improves mood and emotions, reduces body pain and relieves stress, and helps you to sleep well.

Here I am going to tell you about some such yogasanas, with the help of which you can burn your extra calories and keep your mind balanced without much effort.

  1. Naukasan
  2. Sarvangasana
  3. Sethubandhasan
  4. Vasisthasana

Naukasan Yogasana

Naukasana or boat pose is considered best for reducing obesity and improving digestive power. It also helps in relieving stress and keeping the kidneys and bowels functioning properly.

How to do it?

  • To do this posture, first of all, spread a yoga mat and lie on it directly on the back.
  • Now take a long breath and, while releasing it, lift the legs up to 30 degrees.
  • Raise your head and hands towards the front. As much as you can lift.
  • Keep the leg absolutely straight.
  • Head and foot together will form a 20-30 degree angle initially, later you can lift it up to 45 degrees.
  • Remain in this posture for 30 to 40 seconds. After that, come to your first stage.
  • Do this 2 to 5 times. After practice, you can do it according to your ability.


In this posture, almost all the organs of the body are included. In this, your body is almost turned upside down and hence it has been included in difficult yoga asanas. It helps to eliminate fatigue, improve digestion, balance the thyroid gland, speed up the brain, and reduce weight. The best posture is to reduce the lower part of the body.

How to do it?

  • Laying on yoga mats, lie down on the back hair straight.
  • Fold some thick thing under the neck.
  • Keep both your hands close to the body and keep the palms down.
  • Now make a 90-degree angle by turning both your legs upwards.
  • Now try to bring the legs back towards the head.
  • For support, hold the waist with both hands.
  • Move your feet behind your head as much as possible and remain in this posture for 30 seconds.
  • Do this asana two to five times or according to your ability.


Sethubandha posture or bridge pose helps in maintaining the posture of your stomach, and back. It also helps in relieving stress and thyroid.

How to do it?

  • Lay down straight on your back.
  • Keep your hands very close to the body.
  • Bend both legs with knees and raise your hips.
  • Hold the ankles with both hands, so that you will get support to stay in this posture.
  • Remain stable for 30 sec.
  • Do this asana 2 to 5 times or according to your capacity.


Vashisthasana is again very effective for strengthening the side planks, stomach, arms, and legs and reducing weight. Along with this, the side planks pose is also considered to improve body balance.


How to do it?
  • Come to Dandasan on Yogamat.
  • After that, get into a half lying posture.
  • Put the entire weight of your body on your right hand.
  • Your right leg should be above your left leg and should be joined.
  • Raise your left hand up in the air.
  • Remain in this posture for 30 seconds.

Conclusion: By adopting these Yogasanas, you will be physically and mentally healthy along with losing weight. So try these Yogasanas, but according to your ability. If you have any kind of pain or any other problem, try it with the help of a trainer. If you want to become a yoga teacher and start your own yoga studio then you can join 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, and take your first step towards becoming a certified yoga teacher.

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