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Choosing the right appliance

No less than 202 million major household appliances are in service and more than 15 million are sold in France each year, on a market of 45 brands. Faced with such a diverse offer, it becomes difficult to make the right choice and find the best quality / price ratio, knowing all the more that the same device is often marketed by several brands at different prices. Four categories of household products make up this market:


the cold refrigerator, freezer and wine cellar

the laundry washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher

the cooking : cooker, hob, steam oven, microwave oven and recessed

the hood : extractor hood and decorative hood


If the market has grown by 0.8% in 1 year, it should be noted that the insert is enjoying great success. Innovative products and connected and intelligent household appliances are increasingly present in our homes. Brand and performance are the first criteria for choosing buyers, sustainability, after-sales service and energy consumption also play an important role.

Dimensions, ergonomics, capacities and design today strongly influence purchasing trends. At the time of open kitchens, the style of household appliances must integrate harmoniously into interior decoration. Buy Kitchen Appliances


How to choose the right appliance?

Starting from the principle that we all have different habits and expectations, we must first ask the right questions, then rank our priorities. Buy Kitchen Appliances


What is my budget ? What functions do I expect from my washing machine, oven, hob? Do I favor simplicity of use or technicality? Which product should be the most vigilant for energy consumption? Isn’t the device too noisy to integrate it into my main room? How much space do I have?


All these criteria are important, but at an equivalent price, choosing equipment that consumes less energy will lighten your budget. From A +++ to D, the consumption labels are now very explicit. The decibels are generally indicated and the brands have the obligation to display the durability of the devices, i.e. the number of years during which the spare parts will be available and this must be taken into account because repair is often more economical than buying back.

The guarantees, standards and labels are additional quality criteria. Safety, compliance, respect for the environment are also information to be checked before a purchase.


For the design, it’s a matter of taste and layout: the appliance built integrates more easily with a new deco and optimizes the organization. A kitchen renovation is often an opportunity to renew the equipment, but there is no obligation, this is the advantage of tailor-made. When traveling to your home, our designer-layers take into account the existing and adapt their proposals to your expectations and your budget.


Underestimating the surface of the worktop


The worktop is a very busy element in the kitchen. It is therefore essential to arrange it with care and to have sufficient surface to cook: place a dish, a pan … Provide a part of the worktop for the meal preparation space, another part for serving before washing. Without forgetting a part where to put the groceries when we arrive or to put the small household appliances (coffee maker, toaster..


The minimum depth of the worktop most often corresponds to the standard depth of furniture and appliances , ie 60 cm. Depending on the technical configuration of some kitchens, this depth may not be sufficient (especially due to plumbing and electricity connections), so it is sometimes necessary to have a depth of 65 or even 70 cm. There are also several standardized widths and the minimum is 186 cm, up to 300 or 315 cm. Most worktops can be cut out. A cheaper solution than custom worktops. For larger widths, it is necessary to favor tailor-made. 

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