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Brake Levers: How to Keep Them in Top Shape for Years?

If you’re a dirt bike rider, you most probably know how important it is to have good brake levers. Not only do these levers enhance maneuverability and performance, but they also increase your safety throughout the ride. Dirt bikes or off-road motorcycles are exclusively manufactured for off-road bikers or adventure racers. The very virtue of having a dirt bike implies riding through a rugged road full of debris, sand, and other obstacles. If your motorcycle is not equipped with quality high brake levers during any such off-road racing, you may end up hurting yourself while making sudden turns or brakes. 

Having quality and reliable brake or folding levers installed in a dirt bike makes the motorcycle ready for optimal performance, enhanced safety, and better durability. On average, shorter aftermarket brake levers are peoples’ favorite owing to its sturdiness and durability aspects. If you can correctly install a pair of premium dirt bike brake levers with a wider adjustment range, you can ensure a comfortable, safe, and intuitive bike riding experience. However, having a pair of good brake levers installed is not enough; maintaining them for the coming years is. 

If you want to keep your bike’s brake levers in good condition for future years, be sure to follow all the maintenance tips shared below. These are taken from pro dirt bike riders and are guaranteed to keep your bike levers as good as new. 

Frequent Checking of Brake Pads

A brake pad helps you have a safe ride and lets you exercise seamless control over the bike. One of the easiest ways to keep a check on its health is by paying attention to the sound coming from the engine whenever you put the brakes. If a screeching sound similar to “nails-on-chalkboard” is heard on putting brakes, it is time to get your brake pads checked. 

Depending on the brake pad’s condition, you can either get it replaced or adequately review the type of pad installed for better inputs. Besides, you can also check if the pads are perfectly fitting the pins or not. Improper placement can also be a reason for the trouble, so make a routine to check it frequently. You can also keep checking the brake fluid reservoir to identify the probable issues with your brake pads. When you start doing multiple checks on your brake or folding levers part and placements, you will identify the precise problem that is creating troubles. It will help you take the right measures on time, helping you keep the brake levers in excellent condition.  

Keep a Check on the Brake Rotor

Brake pads are always squeezed against the brake rotor by your bike’s brake caliper to slow down the dirt bike. Hence not having a brake rotor in good condition can create troubles in your future rides. To overcome this problem, you should frequently check the brake fluid reservoir. If it is low, you need an immediate replacement of your current brake rotor.


One more thing to check before buying a new rotor is the current rotor’s thickness using a micrometer. The apt purchase will be the one where the brake rotor is from a reputable brand and has a perfect thickness. This is an important point that no dirt bike rider should ever overlook.

Get the Brake Lines Cleaned

It is very common to see dirt and debris getting accumulated in high brake levers after a series of rides. If not cleaned on time, you may start facing difficulty using the brakes in future rides. You may begin experiencing a mushy feel whenever you squeeze the brake lever or push the pedal. To get rid of such clogged lever lines, you need to change the brake fluid. It can easily be done by merely loosening the back end of your dirt bike’s brake caliper. When you plan to clean the brake lines, let the back-end remain open for some time till the entire accumulated debris and dirt gets removed from the line. It will get your work done in mere minutes, and you can enjoy a smooth ride.

Use Quality Lubricants to Clean & Adjust Your Bike’s Brake Levers

Irrespective of your experience level as a dirt bike rider, you cannot ignore having brake levers appropriately adjusted for a smooth riding experience. Not having the brake levers properly placed or adjusted makes it difficult to stop the bike, or you may have to put a lot of extra effort to put your dirt bike to rest. The right adjustments not only make your ride smooth but also ensure better durability of the levers. An excellent way to keep the levers working perfectly is the timely application of quality lubricants. Lubricant prevents the lever pins from binding up and eventually reducing the number of brake issues.

Change Brake Fluid Frequently

One cannot continue running a bike on old brake fluid for long. As the fluid gets contaminated over several days, an immediate replacement becomes compulsory for a smooth riding experience. Depending on the folding levers or brake levers installed in your bike, you need to keep replacing the brake fluid after a certain amount of time. To find out the exact frequency, you should check the manufacturer’s manual. These useful guides always come in handy as you can find every useful detail illustrated in a precise manner. Instead of running to a local mechanic, you can rely on the manufacturer’s manual to find out the frequency in which you need to replace the brake fluid.

While there are many dirt bike enthusiasts in the country, you’ll be surprised to know that only a few riders are well-aware of the tips to keep their bikes maintained and running in a good position over the years. If you are one of those dirt bike riders whose knowledge is limited in terms of cleaning and maintenance tips, you can always follow the points shared above. By following all these points, you can keep your bike’s high brake levers or folding levers in really good condition.      

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