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Nowadays, due to the revolution of the internet, online shoppers have a plethora of e-commerce stores to choose from when they want to buy something. But even though there are a huge number of online stores that provide the same product at a comparatively similar price, yet the customers choose to shop from only a handful of e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Desertcart etc. Have you ever wondered why is this the case? What makes these websites and companies so much more attractive to online shoppers?

The answer to that question is the online shopping experience of the consumer. That’s right, the one thing that is common across the most popular e-commerce stores is that they focus way too much on providing the best online shopping experience to their customers. But to provide the best online shopping experience is not an easy task, it takes a lot of consistent dedication and hard work. If you are wondering about How to improve the online shopping experience for your website, then here are 9 most effective ways that are fundamental to Improve the online shopping experience of your customers on your website.

1. Improve your website loading times for both desktop and mobile

Improve your website loading times for both desktop and mobile

Having fast loading times on your website is crucial for a Good Experience of Online Shopping. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and imagine that you wanted to buy a product immediately and so you search for it on google. Suppose your website comes up as the first option because of your SEO efforts, and your customer clicks on it but it takes forever to load. Naturally, the first thing your potential customer would do is go back and check on other sites that are much faster. Don’t let this ever happen to you, make sure to fix your website loading times on both the mobile and desktop versions.

2. Focus on quality content for your website

Focus on quality content for your website

The primary agent that would help you convert potential customers on your e-commerce website is content. You must have heard the highly overused phrase “Content is King” way too many times on the internet, but we will say it again just to emphasize how important content is on your website. If you want to improve the online shopping experience on your website then it is crucial that you invest in high-quality content that will convert the prospects landing on your site into paying customers.

3. Display lots of product reviews.

Display lots of product reviews.

We human beings are social animals, which is quite evident with the rise in popularity of social media. It is a fact that we are influenced by the opinions other people have, especially on things that matter to us. Product reviews are a great way to show social proof and validation of the product so that people are more willing to make a purchase knowing that other people have bought it, used it, and like it. However, make sure that the reviews on your website are genuine and not spam if you truly want to improve the online shopping experience.

4. Have 24/7 support via live chat.

Live chats are an amazing way to provide a good experience to shop online to your customers. If you have the budget, then you must definitely hire a customer support executive to handle the online chat on your website. It is an amazing tool that helps solve your customers’ queries ASAP right when they are about to make a purchase. If you are scarce on the budget or if you have just started your business then you could also opt for a chatbot.

5. Provide Free Shipping

Provide Free Shipping

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Most of the online retailers claim that they cannot afford to provide free shipping because they would be making a lot less profit. But the trick here is to include the shipping costs with the product itself. And no, this is not deceitful. In fact, customers actually prefer having been told the final price of their product right on the product page itself, rather than to proceed towards checkout and realize that there are additional shipping costs applicable.

6. Make your product page visually appealing with high-quality photos.

You just cannot ignore this part of your product page. As you already know, a picture is worth a thousand words, but it might also be worth a thousand dollars if you use it in the right way on your website. If the manufacturer of the product does not provide you with good images of the product, then it would be a very wise decision to hire a good photographer who is experienced with product photoshoots.

7. Have a search bar for better navigation.

Have a search bar for better navigation.


If your site is not user-friendly to navigate around, then it may get very frustrating for your customer and they might leave right away. When developing your e-commerce store, you must make sure to implement a search bar so that your customer can skim through the products that they are looking for quite easily.

8. Use the power of cookies and recommendations.

If you have an e-commerce store and you aren’t implementing cookies and showing recommended items to your customers then sorry to tell you, but you are losing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth sales every day. Cookies are snippets of code that are assigned to the devices which the user is browsing your site with. They store information such as what product did they last see, what they are most interested in, etc. and help you recommend better products to them to improve their online shopping experience.

9. Create an F.A.Q. page.

Create an F.A.Q. page.

Sure chatbots, and good support via email and phone calls are great and all, but having an F.A.Q. page makes life a lot easier both for you and your customer. If you implement it correctly then you would not even need to spend that much time and budget on having a huge customer support team. All you have to do is make a list of the common questions that you get, along with the answers and put them up on the website.

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