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4 Free Expenses Management Apps to Control Finances Effectively in 2020

The first-ever expense Management app came out decades ago in the form of desktop programs such as Quicken and Microsoft Money, but the world of expense management has come a long way since the primary version of Quicken came to the market in 1983.

Now managing money, handling investment and sticking to a budget is cooler than ever before. Yes! This is correct, given the excess of personal finance apps available out there. There are plenty of Expense Management Apps are available to deal with your budgets and expenses. You can take some of the presumptions out of digitizing your finances with this list of the top free expense management apps. With these phone-based apps, you can reach a whole new level of financial knowledge and preparedness. When finding such apps, you can always also look for the best coupons to get the right deals for yourself.

Best Budgeting Apps

  • Wally: Best Tracking Expenses App

  • Mint: Best Money Management App

  • QuickBook: Best for Small Business App

  • Spendee: Best for personal Finance App


If you’re the sort of person who wants to be as organized with managing your expenses as you are with filing your professional expense report then Wally is an integrated expense management app for you. It’s free so you won’t have to shell out any money in fees. It shows insights into your spending habits using AI (artificial intelligence) and other trendy technologies. Wally puts a big focus on expenses and presents your feedback and useful information on your spending. 

Wally lets you take a photo of your receipts, instead of manually logging your expenses at the end of the day or week or month.

It also features a social feature for shared expenses.While it doesn’t have live bank links (at least in the Wally+ version for Android), that includes a little extra security for users who feel fearful at the prospect of hackers. When you add in the appealing graphics and social features, you have something many optimistic users will enjoy.

Special features: You can take a photo of your receipts instead of manually typing numbers. Less typing equals fewer fingered errors.

Most Popular: Mint

No list of expense management apps would be complete without a mention of Mint. The free Mint app one of the best known for personal finance tools. The Mint app from Intuit (INTU)—the company is behind QuickBooks and TurboTax. Mint is good because it is free and supports an extensive range of banks and lenders, and comes from one of the largest and most trusted names in financial software, Intuit. With this app, you’re receiving help with budgeting, expense tracking, credit monitoring, and bills. Based on your habits, Mint even gives you specific advice to increase more control over your spending. The free credit score is a bonus too.

However, while Mint is one of the oldest and most full-featured expenses, management app options, but it isn’t perfect because there are a handful of bugs in the software, and new features are slow to release since Intuit bought the app in 2009. And getting support may sometimes a challenge if you do find a bug or a problem in your account.

Special features: Shows your real-time credit score



If you own a small business, you might have tried to run both your personal and business finances operating by one expense management app. This fixes the messy reporting, unclear results and distress understanding what is happening with both sides of your financial life.

With free Quickbooks app, you can save time on accounting and paperwork because many of simple accounting tasks are figured out automatically, making it easier to run your business. Reports are easily generated with the information you need, so you always know about your business position. 

Like Mint, Intuit is a clear predictor of the place through its popular QuickBooks program.QuickBooks comes in several versions and editions depending on your computer/mobile and business needs. While it is far from perfect, it is the best option currently to wrap up your entire business management which includes expense management, contract management, and payroll, all in one app.

Special features: Live Bookkeeping, Tax deductions and Reporting.


Spendee is best for the household budget planner to regulate income and expenses. Whether you’re a student or a working person, anyone can make good use of this app to manage their expenses. By attaching your credit cards and bank accounts to your Spendee account, you are able to have better control over your particular finances. Once this is done you can closely evaluate your finances and in result, you can set up budgets and savings all from your phone and set limits and aims as you see fit. How much money did you spend this month at coffee shops? How about clothes? The Spendee personal budgeting and expense tracking apps are designed to tell you what happened after you spend your money.

The Spendee app also shows charts and graphs which are extremely helpful in visualizing your spending against your income. Overall, Spendee is a great free expense tracker app for anyone who wants a fuss-free experience when it comes to tracking personal finance.

Special features: You can also manage your digital currency like Cryptocurrency.



  • If you go with Budgeting apps then choose Mint, which is used to create a budget and track spending.

  • Wally is the app that tracks expenses by letting you take a photo of your receipts.

  • Quichbooks is useful for small business and for personal use and round up each purchase amount to the next highest dollar and invest the difference.

  • Spendee is a popular app for household budget planner to regulate income and expenses.


So if you are looking for Free Expenses Management Apps which control your finance whether you run a small business or need household budgeting then above mentioned apps are work good for you, also here is a bonus for included payrolls and invoices. These apps well for regulate your personal income and expenses. And these phone-based apps totally free (varies with versions). Along with all that, if this article has motivated you to start your own business, here is a few best business ideas.

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