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14 Gadgets to Buy in 2020

Hey, tech fanatics, we have witnessed a lot of tech kinds of things in 2020 and more has to come in the near future. It’s an ideal time to upgrade our electronics and gadget wardrobe. You can do this by investing in a handful of cool, innovative, and futuristic gadgets.

Innovation had made possible what was impossible a few years ago. Nowadays we are using 4G cellular networks and vigorously working on developing 5G networks. The TV sets, smartphones, vehicles, music systems, kitchen appliances, and tons of gizmos are equipped with the most possible latest technology.

These days’ people invest a lot in gadgets and if you are also willing to own a few of them you must make a great effort to go with the best ones. I have featured dozen-plus gadgets here and I am sure you will find these gadgets helpful for both personal and household use.


People are being crazy for GoPro and I am sure you will also not regret after investing in a quality GoPro camera. The best part of these genres of cameras is that they are highly portable, weather, and water-resistant. These particular specs make it easy to use in almost every weather condition and even underwater.

Almost every traveler, adventurer, and biker owns a GoPro camera and it has become an important part of their life. This futuristic gadget helps them in capturing each and every moment of life while traveling, hiking, or doing another adventurous kind of thing.

Share your best travel moments with your friends or uploads those videos on YouTube easily using this action camera. These action cameras are considered as gear for vlogging.

2.Smart Security Camera

In the 21st century, the security of our home, office, and lives should be our utmost priority. The amount of robberies and theft has increased a lot these days and you must make sure to protect your resources by installing a quality security camera.

Security cameras or CCTVs are also being smarter nowadays and they come with tons of exciting features the latest security updates. Most of them have a 1080p resolution camera, larger memory, great night vision, 360-degree movement, and many more.

3.Wireless Earphones

A truly wireless earphone is the demand of this era and you must also own a pair of wireless earphones if you don’t have one yet. Wires are being inhibited in electronics these days and most of them are being wireless. The advanced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tethering had made the wireless connectivity possible and things have become easier.


  • Truly Wireless
  • Portable Charger
  • Crisp and crystal clear Sound
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Fast charging

4.Razer Kishi

Smartphone gaming has increased a lot and now people spend hours playing high graphics video games. If you also love to play video games on your smartphone then you will surely want to own this gear. Razer Kishi is the futuristic level gaming controller kit capable of providing an easy user interface. It will also help you in getting more of your moves while playing.


  • Great navigation
  • Easy user interface
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones
  • Light and portable
  • Easy to install

5.Innovative Power Switches

Have you ever forget to switch off your appliances and electronics before leaving your home or office? Yes, it happens to most of the people most of the time. Sometimes this thing led to drastic accidents which nobody can afford.

Do a smart move by purchasing smart power switches. You can even switch them on/off from a great distance from your smartphone over wireless connectivity.

6.Smartphone Charging Pad

The wireless concept is everywhere these days and now it is also possible to juice your smartphone without inserting the power cable. Cableless smartphone charging pad also comes with fast charging and its electromagnetic waves don’t do any damage to the smartphone or the user.

7.Smart Watch

You can say that smartwatches are like small packet big bang. These tiny machines which easily get fit on your wrist can help you do a lot of tech kind of kinds of stuff. If you haven’t owned a smartwatch before then you won’t believe that you can perform a lot of tasks from your smartwatch including making calls, sending messages, playing songs, access social media and the list goes on.


Now, this is the coolest gadget I have seen in recent times. The Hydraloop is completely a planet savior device and can help you save thousands of liters of water every year. It has been developed by a Netherland based firm and can be proved a game-changing gadget for recycling water.

It comes with a visually appealing and compact design which makes it compatible for most of your home. This device can recycle 85 percent of water used for domestic purposes. It clean and disinfect the washing machine, shower, and bathwater which can be later reused for washing vehicles, pool, garden, and in a flushing toilet.

9.Xbox Series

Smartphone gaming is undoubtedly great but console gaming is still dominant. Xboxes are the world’s most popular gaming consoles developed by Microsoft. If you also love to play games on Xbox then there’s good news for you.

Microsoft’s latest Xbox series, the Xbox X is going to launch in December this year. It will be packed with tons of new and innovative features including:

  • Will support 4K
  • 60-120 FPS
  • Zen 2 processor
  • Next-generation RNDA
  • Dynamic Latency Input

10.iPhone 12

Much awaited iPhone of the year and you should include it in your must to buy gadget’s list. Its predecessor iPhone 11 Pro was recommended as the top mobile camera of the year 2019 and the iPhone 12 is also going to set new benchmarks. The best thing about this phone is that it will provide 5G network access to its users and that’s the thing you wouldn’t want to miss.

11.Smart TVs

Technology has become so much advance that now TV sets are also being advance. Nowadays TV sets can do a lot of things which weren’t possible before. You can watch your favorite TV shows and movies through voice commands, access the internet, and social media, download multiple apps, set reminders, and communicate over cellular networks, and many more.

12.Home Assistant

Whether it’s Alexa, Google, or Siri, these have become a part of our daily life and help us in many ways. Smart home devices are being very popular among both non-techie and tech freaks. Devices that run on voice commands look super innovative and home assistants have taken it so far.

13.Quality Android Smartphone

There are more Android users compared to Windows and Mac. Many people prefer Android over other operating systems and if you also do the same then go ahead and buy a quality Android smartphone this year.

In terms of performance, some budget Android smartphones may lag behind the iPhones but overall they offer great user interface, ease of use, and performance.


If you don’t have a quality drone in your gadget wardrobe still yet then you are clearly missing something more exciting. Drones are being used for multiple purposes these days and you must also own one. If you want to go more productive with your first drone then buy a camera drone and get access to a completely new aspect of photography, the aerial one.

Bottom Line:

Gadgets and gizmos had become an important part of our lives and we are becoming addicted to these sorts of things. Imagining our lives without gadgets is seems nearly impossible. We are using more electronics than before and it consumes a huge share of our income.

Eventually, it’s become necessary for us to invest smartly to get more from our spending. If you are totally lack of ideas while creating a must-buy gadget list this year then I am sure the list featured above will surely help you.

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