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12 Excellent Foods to Eat For a Healthy Liver

The liver is the “Dangerous Enemy,” eat some food every day, and give the liver a “Clean Up”!

After the beginning of autumn, the liver’s vigorous period is just right. For us, the liver plays a detoxification role, which is especially important for everyone. If you want a healthy liver, pay more attention to it, eat less fried foods, stay up late, and have a healthy diet. So, what are the foods that nourish the liver? 

See below 12 excellent foods to eat for Healthy Liver.


Chamomile has the effect of improving the eyesight of the liver. The rich selenium element is beneficial in repairing liver cells and expelling liver toxins. It can repair liver cells. If you insist on drinking for a long time, your liver will get better and better.

Black garlic

Black Garlic is also known as “Fermented Black Garlic” and “black garlic.” It is not a clove of special garlic but is made from fresh raw garlic after fermentation under specific temperatures and conditions.


Black garlic can inhibit lipid peroxidase damage to the liver cell membrane structure and protect the liver. The allicin in black garlic can resist CC14-induced liver cell poisoning and improve the liver’s detoxification function. Taking one or two tablets every day can protect your liver.

Winter Melon and Lotus Leaf Tea

Often eat meat, too fat friends, easy to cause fatty liver. Winter melon lotus leaf tea can help the human body to eliminate excess toxins. Both have the effect of removing greasy and can effectively prevent fatty liver.

Sweet Potato 

Sweet Potato is used to invigorate the liver, resolve phlegm, and regulate, etc. It affects lowering blood pressure, anti-cancer, reducing blood sugar, lowering blood fat, and improving immune function. It is used for patients with viral hepatitis, fatty liver, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis. Also, Sweet Potato can help to improve erection power and overall men’s health problems. People with hepatitis can usually eat more Sweet potato, and eating sweet potatoes in autumn is also very tonic. Fildena 100mg and Super P Force to improve your physical health and better love life. 

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is an aromatic and liver-invigorating small food material, beneficial to the biliary tract and liver disinfection. As a seasoning food, turmeric powder can stimulate the secretion of bile. It is a natural detoxification food and decomposes excess liver fat.

Red Bean Barley Tea

The spleen and stomach are not good, moisture is easy to invade, and the liver’s burden is excellent, which causes the liver to become wet and easy to get sick. Therefore, it is essential to get rid of dampness. Red bean barley tea can dispel dampness, reduce swelling, diuresis, and detoxification, and have an excellent protective effect on the liver. One cup a day can detoxify the liver and nourish the body.

Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea has adequate sterilization and an anti-inflammatory effect. It can effectively discharge liver toxins and clean the liver. It is the “detoxification king” of the liver clean up. Drinking a little every day can wash and bathe your liver.

Tartary Buckwheat Tea

Tartary buckwheat tea contains a bioflavonoid compound, which can relieve alcohol poisoning, protect the liver and liver, and enhance human immune function. Drinking some Tartary buckwheat tea often has apparent benefits to the liver.

Black Sesame Walnut Black Bean Powder

Black sesame, walnut, and black bean flour is food with enormous nutritional value. It contains high-quality protein and fatty amino acids. It can invigorate the liver, remove stasis, and replenish blood. It is quite useful for breakfast!


Figs are rich in organic acids and various enzymes, affecting clearing heat and moisturizing the intestines, helping digestion, protecting the liver, and detoxifying. If you make sweet soup with dried figs, black corn, red beans, and peanuts, it tastes fresh and natural, and you can also do a “clean-up” of the live.

Kudzu powder

Pueraria Monata vr. lobata powder can quickly restore the liver function of the human body, and the pharmacology of the traditional Chinese medicine kudzu powder can improve the regeneration ability of liver cells, can quickly restore normal liver function, remove toxins from the liver in the body, and persist in drinking has a significant effect.

Sky Fruit

The liver is a vital detoxification organ of the human body. Sky Fruit can effectively reduce the liver’s damage caused by harmful substances, and Sky Fruit can improve the liver’s blood supply function. Regular eating can reduce the liver’s damage caused by drugs’ side effects and nourish the liver. The overall role of the liver.

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